Mastering Anger

I bow my head and touch the Earth before the highest charioteer who trains humankind.

Stretch out your arms of compassion; bring us to the shore of peace and solidity. For so long, confusion has inhabited us so that we have not had the chance to learn, and we have often acted foolishly, allowed seeds of anger and violence to be watered in our deep consciousness. Whenever seeds of irritation or fury arise and operate in my mind, they always cause wounds and resentment in myself and in so many others.

Listening to Avalokita’s teaching, I begin right now with a deep aspiration: Whenever anger arises, I shall come back to myself, taking refuge in my mindful breathing and steps so as to look after and embrace, to protect and recognize the painful mental formations in me. I shall remember to look deeply to see the true nature and source of hatred and anger. Heeding the Buddha’s teachings, I shall know how to guard my mind. When anger arises in me I shall not do or say anything until I have mastered it. I shall look deeply to see the real nature of my pain. The seed of ignorance is the cause of my suffering, and the reason why the seed of anger in me has grown so strong. The person who makes me angry has so much suffering himself, herself. Such a person has had no chance to learn how to protect, to come home to himself or herself to take care and to transform the deep-seated habit energies within. Contemplating in this way, I will be able to bring about understanding and acceptance, and help the other person to practice and to transform the suffering within him or her.

The Blessed One has said, “When we are capable of conquering our anger, we bring a double victory to our self and to the other person.” I want to practice with all my heart in order to respond to the Great Grace. May the Three Jewels give me energy and blessing so that we can reach promptly the shore of peace and happiness.

[Bell, Bell]