Happiness in the Present Moment


Thich Nhat Hanh
Plum Village Chanting Book



The Tatagatha has taught:
"The past has already gone, and the future has not yet come.
Let us not drown ourselves in regret for what has passed or in expectations and worry for the future."
The Buddha has said that "we can be peaceful, happy, and free in this present moment." [Bell]

Let us hear the Buddha's words and let go of our sadness and anxiety.
Let us come back to ourselves and establish ourselves in what is present right now.
Let us learn to recognize the conditions for happiness that are present within us and around us.
Can we hear the birds singing and the wind in the pines?
Can we see the green mountains, the white clouds, the golden moon?
The Pure Land is available in the present moment.
Every day we can enjoy ourselves in the Buddha Land.
Every mindful breath and step takes us to the Pure Land, revealing all the wonders of the Dharma body. [Bell]

I am determined to let go of hurrying, competing, being busy and disgruntled.
I shall not run after fame, power, riches, and sex because I know that this does not lead to true happiness.
All it will bring me is misery and misfortune. [Bell]

I shall learn to know what is sufficient, to live simply, so that I have time to live deeply every moment of my daily life,
giving my body and mind a chance to heal, and to have the time to look after and protect those I have vowed to love. [Bell]

I shall practice for my mind to grow in love and compassion, so that I have the ability to help beings anywhere who are drowning in craving. [Bell]

I ask the Buddhas everywhere to protect and guide me, to support me on my path, so that I can live in peace, joy, and freedom every day,fulfilling the deepest aspiration as your disciple whom you trust and love.

[Bell, Bell]