Turning to the Three Jewels

Plum Village Chanting Book

My hands held like a lotus bud,

I look up at Buddha

who is sitting so calmly.

How kind is her expression.

Buddha sits quite straight,

and light comes from her eyes

which are looking into my heart,

seeing all my happiness,

as well as all my suffering.

Her lips are smiling

with great compassion,

full of understanding,

forgiveness, and tolerance.

Buddha is my teacher

who teaches understanding and love.

Buddha has made possible

my spiritual life.

I promise my whole life,

I will walk in the light

of the Buddha.

I bow to you, Buddha,

who have given me

the wonderful Dharma,

which helps me to nourish

my love for family and friends,

my happiness, smile, and trust.

You have taught me to breathe,

to look after my suffering

whenever my feelings are full of

greed, anger, confusion, and jealousy,

so that I can be the master of my body and mind,

overcome my sadness, and

have relief from suffering.

I know that the Sangha is always there,

and I shall come back always to this community

Who practices love and understanding,

to be supported,

to be offered guidance

as I am learning about

the wonderful Dharma.

The sandalwood incense is lit,

the candles, also.

I turn my mind towards

the Precious Jewels.

How grateful I am

to have this safe place of refuge.

[Bell, Bell]