The Body as Practice

Taking care of our body is an important practice. We need our body to be healthy in order for us to practice. Practicing Mindful Movements and Deep Relaxation can support our health and happiness in the practice, and keep us in touch with our body.

These exercises allow us to listen deeply to our bodies. We learn to be gentle with ourselves and to give ourselves space to understand and to grow. Practicing in this way, our body becomes our friend. Compassion towards ourselves will penetrate into our interactions with others. How we walk, move, sit, stand, and hold our body are reflections of our states of mind. When we move with ease, others around us will also feel light and relaxed in our presence.

The Ten Mindful Movements are a wonderful way of connecting your mind and body in mindfulness. They are a way to touch the sky, to smile at your own body, and to touch your heart. When you do them, please enjoy each part of each movement. Do what you can. They are not like aerobics, where you have to move as quickly as possible. There is no need to rush. It will bring you joy.

Practicing Deep Relaxation creates a wonderful energy of peace and harmony. It is a practice of totally letting go and returning our anchor. A lot of healing happens just by letting go and sinking into this state of total relaxation.